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(Live video stream - Sarajevo Waves 1.)


(Live video stream - Sarajevo Waves 1.)



Compact Invest d.o.o. Sarajevo is a local Bosnian company, with 100% foreign ownership from Kuwait, established in 2012. Compact Invest relies upon its reputation, credibility, commitment and professional approach to all its undertakings.

We, together with founders and shareholders of the company, want to contribute to development and prosperity of the economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Being a purpose of each serious business activity, projects we would involve in must ensure long-term source of revenues for employees and profit for owners. Experience of the founders shall certainly enrich business environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Besides investments in real-estate, Compact invest will consider and implement all viable and profitable projects related to agriculture, animal husbandry, catering, tourism and trade. These projects will be based on the merit that they are long-term projects ensuring new employment and improvement of business and economy conditions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Nevertheless, at all times in all our undertakings we oblige ourselves to consider, contribute and ensure social responsibility.

Sarajevo Waves


Riverside Residence

Located at Ilidza, Sarajevo Waves residential complex offers quality lifestyle in beautiful natural surroundings. Comprised of five residential blocks, Sarajevo waves offers comfortable and stylish apartments, which is reflective of the rapid advancements in technology and a growing need for quality housing. Apartments are accompanied with large terraces and amazing view on river Zeljeznica, Olympic Mountains Igman and Bjelasnica and unique natural resources surrounding the complex.